“Happiness is pet parents meeting pet parents meeting pets” ~~ Jim & phydo

Hi, I’m Jim and I am single and recently had pictures of my pets removed from a prominent online singles website.  I am a proud Pet Parent, my pets are a big part of my life, and I want to share them with potential Pet Parents of like mind.  So I decided to create my own website to feature my pets and yours!  They like getting fussed, just like me.  I will be building site membership as a business of social good, and a percentage of any revenues realized will be donated to pet charities in my community and in yours.  Thanks for visiting !  Jim in Tucson




This is Olive, my Office Manager.  IMG_2052

And here is Jasper, who made this all possible

Jasper (2)

By running on a treadmill.
What a guy. Invented TreadnBreakfast, he did.

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