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Pet Parenting is becoming a part of the American cultural fabric and is trending abroad as well.  Pet Parents refer to themselves as more particular about the products and services they choose.  Many are single Pet Parents, an estimated 40 million single pet owners in the US alone, many more abroad where pets are increasingly replacing children as members of the family.  Single pet owners are more likely to view pets as family members, while families more often relegate pets to companion or property status. It’s interesting to see that more and more single people are discovering the comfort and satisfaction that owning a pet can offer.  Or sharing a pet. Single pet parents get lonely, and their pets get lonely, too !  Pet Parents Without Partners provides an opportunity to network with other pet parents and their pets for purposes of socialization or more ! Get to know people and their pets near you. Please explore our features and our members, furry and non-furry.  View our Pet Parent News menu feature with Pet Parent related news articles, updated daily. Or view our Meetups feature, let us help you start a Pet Parent Yappee Hour Meetup in your area, where you can share pet talk with pet parents and fuss their pets, too!   Thanks for visiting.

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